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Currently seeking fully remote work position.

Designing in the start up world, to get my sense of owning the full end to end product design cycle, enhancing the collaboration within a small team to move quickly and listening to our audience. Growing a product the ground up.

Large organization corporation experience & Early State Startup all hands on deck at all times.

Attuned to individual / communal needs, hone in on identifying key resources, highly focused on meeting deadlines, adaptive to high-pressured environments, relentlessly resourceful, & persistently resilient in harmonizing ideals.

Continual pursuit of living, learning, & always growing. Influence team engagement, thought provoker, evangelize the human centered design process.

Let's create together

Half of myself is a UX product designer creating ideas & solving problems in the tech industry through the means of critical thinking processes. The other half of me lives curiously about the world by observing nature's flow & floating through the wind. Thank you for stopping by my little micro digital space.

"It's nice to be important,

but it's more important to be nice."

-John Cassis

website updated April 21, 2024 

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✨ Amazing ideas are made everyday 


Product design, case studies

Drawing doodles

Open world drawings for the brain

Graphic design

Freelance for fun, create creations

Hi. Hello

I was born and raised in the corn fields of Indiana, on the west side of Indianapolis. I learned how to be a competent compliment to society from my mom in way of engagement and comprehension of human behavior one on one or in large group settings. I learned how to be a passionate creator grounded in honing in on craft from my dad.


With a mindful stance on my own place in the world and an ability to provide solutions to problems. I have been in the Design tech industry or over 10 years helping humans use technology to reach their goals.


Spaces visited.   🇺🇸 🇨🇦 🇲🇽 🇰🇷 🇵🇭 🇪🇨 🇿🇦 🇯🇵 🇩🇴

Designing for the expression of human curiosity. 

Let's make it human, How do we has humans leverage technology to enhance our tasks and goals, extend our capabilities to compute information and data. It is my job to get you and your team as close to defining a solution of your problems with design thinking processes. I will facilitate conversations and design pow wows to bring everyone along on our journey.

The justB philosophy

Attempting to capture moments in time that are meaningful enough to express outwardly, always trying to find the beauty within the moments of our lives. Learning from and with others.

Photo gallery

A view point of how I see the world, from around the world. Own photos.

Board of Hope

art series

6 years of participating in Project Koru's Kiteboard for Cancer Fundraising event in Hood River Oregon. Each year a board is designed and auctioned off to raise money for their mission.


Find something you like that I've made? Give me money for it. Mostly hand made wooden spoons and t-shirt designs.

not open, yet

Kiteboarding is my meditation

Active mediation is my outlet to the world, this sport gives me breath and balance, I am able to constantly challenge myself to progress and be apart of a community that is closely connected with nature.

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